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Simplifying Our Architecture

We today made the step of refactoring BitcoinJS. We merged node-bitcoin-p2p and node-bitcoin-exit into a single project: bitcoinjs-server.

By the same token, node-bitcoin-explorer will be renamed bitcoinjs-explorer.

These two changes alone significantly simplify the BitcoinJS architecture. The changes to the architecture diagram illustrate how much simpler the new design is.


Alt text


Alt text

But the benefits aren’t just theoretical. The installation of an exit node server has gotten much simpler and you can new use the full power of the bitcoinjs command line tool with the exit node server.

To run an exit node, just install BitcoinJS Server and run:

# Install the necessary dependencies for running an exit node
bitcoinjs setup exit

# Run BitcoinJS with the exit node mod enabled
bitcoinjs run -m exit

And that’s it, no mandatory configuration, no more linking packages, configuring paths, etc.

There are many cool things planned for BitcoinJS in the near future. Stay tuned!