Flexible Bitcoin Platform

BitcoinJS is a set of open-source libraries designed to let you quickly realize your custom Bitcoin project.


Here are some example projects built using BitcoinJS libraries. All of these are open-source, so feel free to check out the code and run them for yourself!

  • Webcoin

    Browser-based Bitcoin wallet. Connects to a BitcoinJS exit node via Socket.IO and provides full wallet functionality without any installation.

    • JavaScript-based cryptography
    • Socket.IO realtime communication
    • Minimalistic design
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  • Bitcoin Explorer

    A block explorer clone written using bitcoinjs-server. Good example for using the peer-to-peer library and extracting data from the blockchain.

    • Single JavaScript file (plus some templates)
    • Shows blocks, transactions and addresses
    • Current network state without delay
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BitcoinJS uses the latest and highest quality open-source components for speed, reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use.